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Cody T.  ★★★★★

David was honestly the best. I couldn’t have asked for a better person or photographer to shoot my wedding. He’s really experienced in getting amazing shots and his personality helps you get through a stressful day. He was willing to meet us multiple times. I recommend David to anyone in the greater Cleveland area and beyond!

Margaret S.  ★★★★★

It was a pleasure to work with David Paul. Of the photographers that responded to our request for our event, I clicked more with David than with any of the others. From the time we started working with him, he was always both professional and responsive. He gave me about a five day turnout for the pictures. Having heard of people that, two months after a wedding, were still waiting for proofs, five days sounded great. it ended up taking six days but I will cut him some slack. Everything that I have asked to have done has been done. When I told him my husband's hair was too blue in three pictures, he had new photos to us within half an hour. And that was on a Sunday morning. I would not have been surprised if it had taken him until Monday to get back to me. He took all the pictures I wanted and was very unobtrusive which I count as a big plus. No one likes to have a photographer in their face all the time. I knew he was taking a lot of pictures but was not feeling as if I was always in the spotlight. I would not hesitate to use him again for another event.

Lyman M.  ★★★★★

Very responsive and great to work with.

Brittany L.  ★★★★★

Kathy H.  ★★★★★

A pleasure to deal with. Everything I hoped for with regard to photos taken and being able to communicate. If I decide I need another set of family photos, I won’t hesitate to schedule with David Paul Photography again.

Susan H.  ★★★★★

Lauren H.  ★★★★★

David was all around great! He was great to work with and the work he provided was even better. If you are looking for a commercial photographer, then I highly recommend you pick him! Thank you David again!

Susan J.  ★★★★★

David was great. Will book again in the future

Jill L.  ★★★★★

Had a great experience!


Linda B.  ★★★★★
Wedding and Event Photography

David was very sensitive about our needs for our wedding.

Gino K.  ★★★★★

I requested that the photographer follow us and take pictures for a surprise engagement and it couldn’t have gone better !! David was so discreet to where he blended in with the crowd and snapped the perfect moment! Not to mention , they had said about 3-5 days for the pictures to be done and they had them done the same night ! I would recommend him 100% to anyone looking for great quality photography handled by a great staff!

Neelima R.  ★★★★★

David was punctual and was easy to work with. Was very accommodating to our needs and was very patient. I had to give 4 stars as unfortunately my daughter was not cooperative and couldn’t get a family pic, which was the main purpose . I have tons of individual pics and was hoping to get some family pics.

Matt K.  ★★★★★

We had an awesome family photo session yesterday. David Paul Photography was amazing. I was coming in from out of town and he kept in constant contact with me. Also the day of our scheduled shoot the remanence of Hurricane Florence came through and he accommodated us and we rescheduled for the next day. David was amazing with the dogs and his easy going and joyful personality really made it fun. He even quickly edited a photo to give me a "teaser" before we leave tomorrow. Thank you David for providing us a memento that is timeless and priceless. I would highly recommend him!

Linda K.  ★★★★★
Wedding and Event Photography

David is seriously one of the most talented, friendly, accommodating - and truly exceptional - photographers I’ve ever worked with. To begin, he consistently responded to every question and call, if not immediately, then within very short order. He instantly understood what we were trying to accomplish and became a valued collaborator to achieve the goal. At the event, he instantly connected with our guests; his kindness and humor - on top of his amazing efficiency to capture the right shot - adding to their overall enjoyment and experience. His price quote was right on point for us and he was beyond generous with his time - and there was no up selling. He clearly loves what he does, keenly understands all facets of capturing one in a lifetime moments, and takes great personal pride in delivering the absolutely best experience and phenomenal photographs. I truly wish our paths had crossed sooner so he could have photographed other occasions and events for us. If David is available for your event - grab him!

Valerie B.  ★★★★★
Wedding and Event Photography

Very professional, very responsive. Made my day so much less stressful. I love the pictures - they were perfect for what we wanted to capture.

Sandy S.  ★★★★★

Great communication, punctual and professional. And the photos turned out very nice.


Tamara B.  ★★★★★ 

Devon A.  ★★★★★
Wedding Photography

Mary J.  ★★★★★
Real Estate and Architectural Photography

It was a pleasure working with David. We are happy with our pictures and I would recommend him to my friends.

Mary C.  ★★★★★

David was amazingly fun to work with, including dealing with the weather, two very young, less than cooperative toddlers, 6 children in all, and a few adults that were less than thrilled. I've seen the teaser photos from a week ago, and they are great. i am excitedly looking forward to the full deal any day now per his original quote...from the teasers, I'm sure we will love the whole package. I'd work with David again in a heart beat... and if he can get good shots with our crowd, David is able to find magic for anyone!

M Christine  ★★★★★
David was so flexible as to wait until almost the very day of the photoshoot to decide where we're going to take photos, put up with six children from age 18 months to, well including some adults, and even though the sun did not cooperate, he worked hard to catch the light and to make special memory photos. he was a calming influence on the midst of two children being very mommy clingy. his creative ideas were complementary to his fun loving personality. I would work with David again in a heartbeat!

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