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Why Boudoir?

When I first joined the team I struggled with explaining the why. I was hesitant knowing the odd expressions I knew I was going to get. Sure, sex sells. It always has. But boudoir is so much more. I’ve taken a moment to blog the highlights of why I love boudoir.

Historically, women have been held to certain standards and yet expected to complete and excel at their “role” in both the home and work. We are in a man’s world. We’ve fought, dedicated, embraced, and educated ourselves in order to be seen as “equals.” Certainly, none of which has come easy.

Today, we still see these expectations, some the same and others magnified. With technology, TV, social media, internet, etc., we find ourselves struggling internally. The media has defined “beautiful.” And if you don’t fit within those perimeters, you just aren’t good enough. We find ourselves constantly comparing our appearance to celebrities, coworkers, friends, foes, the grocery store clerk. Its extremely overbearing.

And if you aren’t mentally exhausted enough, now you have to worry about how others see you. Am I pretty enough? Are my boobs too small? Is my nose too big? Mind you, they all have access to the same technology.

Boudoir allows women to mute the judgment. Being vulnerable and opening up through the shoot is so gratifying! Sometimes we all need a reminder that YOU are BEAUTIFUL! And boudoir does exactly that.

Not to mention who doesn’t like showing off? Boudoir is the most personalized gift to give your special someone! Maybe it’s just what you needed to spice things up?

Life would be boring if we were all the same. Be weird, embrace flaws, flaunt whatever your momma gave ya, and most importantly spread the affirmation; everyBody is beautifu!


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