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We create art out of the love we find between people, which we find as  honorable work to be trusted with such treasured memories.

Families are where the hearts shine purest. Our families have so much heart and soul in them, and therefore, so do our portraits.

One of the best things about photographs is capturing these fleeting moments in people’s lives. Someday the children will be all grown up, doing big things we can only imagine. We are excited to watch the places they will go as their journeys unfold. But for now, in this moment, they are still little kids, running barefoot through the grass and dirt, laughing and playing pretend and peering curiously at the world. And it’s an our pleasure to capture that.

Smiles that melt your heart. 


Studio sessions offer family’s the chance to display their connection in a more simplistic, sophisticated and modern style.  It can be a convenient place to gather for the big family holiday portrait.  Studio sessions with Sarah David Photography Studio are anything but like the photographers you remember as kids!  We keep the session flowing, fun, and offer options to personalize the session with your family’s unique flavor.

We are not afraid of our subjects playing outside either, being wild and free.  We offer lifestyle sessions at locations of your choice as well.   

We love to capture otherwise forgotten days in our family’s lives. We have photographed births, or weddings, or big important ceremonies. However, we photograph families on the same day they may have had sports practice, doctor appointments, play dates, or any of the other myriad daily activities that compose our lives. And yet, that makes this even more significant.

We photograph families on any old average evening, exactly as they are, in that moment. Somehow these days always seem to blur together, and then one day we wake up and the kids are starting school again. Maybe even highschool. Or college.

And we wonder where the time went. 

There are no giant life milestones here in our family photography.

These are only simple moments on simple days, otherwise forgotten, but now forever captured.  That’s a special kind of milestone all to itself.

Our work is intensely personal.

We want families to see themselves the same way we see them: Precious and unique and funny and tender and magical and chaotic and just so very perfect in their own way.


We want families to see how beautiful they already are, reflected in our art. 

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