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About The Experience


Boudoir is for EVERY type of woman


Numbers do NOT define you

You can never lose your sexy

You do not need any type of experience

Be prepared for a good time

Women who invest in themselves go further

A woman signing
A woman with tattoos

One on One


Whether it's through phone, text, email, or an in-person consultation we will hold your hand through the whole process! I enjoy when I get ideas or outfit messages and I am happy to discuss your vision.

Our goal is to make sure you feel comfortable the whole time. We are more than happy to help answer any questions you may have about a session with us!

A woman applying makeup to another woman



It’s so relaxing to know that you can leave it to the professionals! It's not everyday you get pampered from head to toe and get to play dress up.  Our makeup and hair stylist has all the tools to make you feel the most beautiful in your own skin! 

A woman posing in a lingerie


This is my favorite part, when you finally get to see the bombshell you are! This is where we'll sit down together and we'll walk through all of the gorgeous photos we captured of you. We will discuss how we can create a masterpiece wall art or a designer album just for you!

Even after you leave the studio, you'll have a glow of confidence that will last you a lifetime!



We try to make the whole experience as relaxing and fun as possible! From blasting your favorite music to telling silly jokes, we'll be best friends by the end of your session!

No experience needed. You’ll have lots of direction on outfits, looks, and posing.  You won’t just look like a supermodel, you will feel like one too!

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